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           Are You Single & Struggling to find 'the one'?


Like most things in life, being single can be nice for a little while, and, it can feel at times incredibly lonely and leave you with a deep sense of longing for love and companionship. After all, we are biologically wired for relationship. Sometimes, it can feel all the more painful to see all of those couples out there, both strangers arm in arm as well as the ones you know and love. And yet, envy or sorrow can show up. This is very understandable from the need to both love another, and be loved, intimately.


I am here to help you pinpoint and explore within yourself what is blocking you from finding the one you truly want to be with, toward simultaneously tapping more and more into those qualities within yourself that you are looking for in a partner. What then tends to happen is that the reflection comes more easily and fully in the ways you want and need from ‘him or her’. In other words, when you do the deeper inner work, the fruit of that tends to  manifest in your experience of the the outer world right down to the people you find yourself drawn to, and of course in turn, the ones who are drawn to you.


 You may also have felt a similar loneliness and longing in the midst of dating someone who you don't ultimately and deeply connect with. A common example of this is the person who keeps finding him/herself with people who are, in one way or another, ‘unavailable’. This unavailability can present in many various ways, i.e.- the bad boy, the one you find out later is married or dating someone else, the one who after a month or so is suddenly ‘done’, or the one who is perhaps in it for the long haul but who is emotionally far away, hard to read, unexpressive etc.. Any one of these dating or relationship situations can certainly induce a lot of suffering, and you ar not alone. In fact, I’m glad you’re here reading this, and really do want you to just feel better and more connected to yourself and others. This includes getting your needs met more and more in life and in relationship. As I have both experienced myself and helped many more transform in therapy with me, there is a positive and deeply satisfying connection we can find in a romantic partner, and often in the not too distant future. Unlike the ‘unavailable partner’ example mentioned above, when you transform your relationship with yourself, bit by bit in therapy with a therapist, that therapeutic relationship is the very vehicle that can move you toward being more mentally, emotionally, and spiritually aligned with what and who it is you want. 




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