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       Depression - How I Can Help You Transform It


I know how much depression can hurt.  It is perhaps the stickiest and most draining of all the emotional states of being. It can feel downright soul-crushing at the more intense end of the spectrum. Another thing I know about depression is that just as with any other painful state of mind, the lasting relief and healing come about through direct, grounded, authentic and warm curiosity and care. From within the bubble of a depressed state, this can be very difficult at first to provide for oneself. This is why most people who are really in the throws of struggling with depression reach out for help from a therapist. 


Since depression is at its core an experience based in shame, for some it can feel very difficult to reach out for this support. When you are struggling to feel connected to yourself, it is of course a vulnerable and tall order to call a therapist. And yet, as most symptoms of depression are at least in part related to undigested experiences from an early and significant relationship, it is an act of both inner wisdom and self-preservation and respect to seek a trained professional for help. If you are reading this now and considering the next step to call myself or another therapist, I bow to that in you; this is the divine spark that will be, and has always been, your strongest ally. This is your own heart calling you home.



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