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             Anxiety Therapy in Nashville & Brentwood


I liken anxiety to having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake of your being, simultaneously. The result, as you may know, is that your mind and body get flooded with this revved up energy. As it has nowhere to go, (remember, your foot is still on the brake) it spins around inside of you, your mind and body all a flutter with self-limiting thoughts and stuck energy.


We often protect ourselves from these thoughts or ‘core stories’ by casting them out and rendering them unconscious. To the extent that we do this, we find ourselves controlled by the very thing we’re trying to get rid of, sealing it in our mind and body where it can manifest as tremendous suffering.


Together, we can uncover, meet, and challenge these buried thoughts and feelings that are creating your anxiety. Very likely, they are coloring your perception, impacting how you feel, and limiting your choices in meeting life.


Anxiety is also a very common aspect of identity crisis. Who would you be if you believed these thoughts even just a little bit less? Who would you be without them? Who are you without them?



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