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Teen Counseling in Nashville 


I have a way with teenagers, often building trust easily and quickly with my genuine and heartfelt nature. It is this foundation of trust, non-judgment and acceptance that, paradoxically, nurtures change, growth, maturing and healing. In addition to working directly with teens and the therapeutic relationship, I recognize that the parent-teen relationship is a primary one for a teenager, whether they may admit it or not! I see addressing and working with this relationship as an important adjunct to treating teens as well.
You may or may not recall, being a teenager can be hard. These years involve varying degrees of needing, and experimenting with, independence and self-empowerment, as well as still needing guidance and nurturance from parents, which can be very hard on both the teenager, and of course the parents. I am here to help your teenager navigate and work through these growing pains and complex feelings that can manifest as tremendous angst and suffering such as depression, anxiety,  anger and rebelliousness, and acting out etc..


There is hope, and there is help here for you and your son or daughter.

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