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Individual Therapy in Nashville 


People seek therapy for all sorts of reasons – relationship issues, anxiety and depression, creative blocks, or simply a sense that they are not headed in the right direction in their lives. Ultimately, they come to therapy to effect change in their lives and get ‘unstuck’.


As a psychotherapist, I work with you to identify the issues that keep you from living the life you want. Whether or not you are outwardly successful, inside you may have feelings of worthlessness, uncertainty about relationships, anger and depression, or long-held beliefs that no longer serve you. Therapy can be challenging at times, but deep healing and lasting change can and usually do occur. 


My 4-prong approach to East / West psychotherapy is simple; all of you is welcome here. The reclaiming of your power, choice and freedom to live the life you want and fully embody the wonderful human being you already are, lies in this full allowance to experience all of yourself. Paradoxically, when this is fully allowed, initially in the therapy room and more and more in your daily life, you'll tend to get less stuck in those scary, painful places inside yourself. The more you learn to turn toward and love those places in yourself you've traditionally turned away from, the less scary and sticky they become. My job is to help you explore and liberate yourself from within the grip of this very human experience of anxiety, depression, or whatever your stuckness may be. I lay out in brief below my 4-prong approach. I may invite any or all of these approaches tailored to what I think may serve you in a given moment. However, only as you feel a readiness or desire to do so. I only invite and never push you to go places within yourself you are not wanting to go. 

I welcome adults of all ages in my practice, from college students to retirees, and work with issues including:


  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Relationship Issues, including Breakup and Divorce

  • Self Esteem and Self Worth

  • Career Related Stress and Challenges

  • Parenting

  • Life Transitions such as Changing Career,  New Children, and Midlife Issues

  • Healing from Grief, Loss, Abuse or Trauma

  • Identity Crisis

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